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Our first major project is underway!

The Bazaar will be an international free software convention. An exhibition floor will showcase many of the free software projects as well as products from major vendors in the technology industry. In addition, there will be five tracks of sessions: an enterprise track, development track, a system administration track, an open track and a beginners track. More than 5,000 IT managers, developers, consultants, enthusiasts and members of the press will attend.

The show will be held from March 13-15 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. The Javits Center is a world class venue for other major shows such as Internet World and PC Expo. The Bazaar will be an ideal forum for businesses and other institutions to learn about the quality, stability and cost effectiveness of using free software in their enterprise.



Ideas for projects:

gnu x 2 and Linux x 2

This is an idea we had in which we'd start a yearlong campaign that would encourage everyone who is currently using gnu/linux to get someone who's never seen it, used it, or heard of it, to try it out. It's simple, straightforward, and could easily double the user base in the course of a year or less.

free software press kits

These would be for non-technical people who need to hold something glossy in their hand before they begin to open their minds. It wouldn't take much to create a compendium of articles, how-to's, FAQ's, maybe even a cd rom distribution, put it into a folder and send it off to a couple thousand IT managers.