The mission of Diallage is to establish a self-sustainable

community for artists in transition. The concept of Diallage

is based on the belief that given the opportunity people

willwork hard to practice their art while helping build

active communities.

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Projects and project leaders are granted a great deal of autonomy. By giving the majority of the executive powers to the person responsible for the project, much of the bureaucratic overhead and inertia is avoided. This combined with the ability to share organizational tools and structures creates an effective system with lower costs.

Although they are relatively autonomous, project leaders are not free from accountability. Resource management is taken seriously and all projects are required to keep a tight grip on their budget. In addition, all leaders are expected to meet monthly in order to maintain a dynamic community of in Limine fellows dedicated to improve education and the arts.



The mission of the open textbook project is to develop
openly copyrighted (copylefted) textbooks using the free
software development model. The books, developed
collaboratively, would be freely available to download,
modify, print and distribute. Not only are textbooks
unavailable to a great number of students in the US and
abroad simply due to cost, few textbooks are universally
suitable for courses in any given subject and many are
simply sub-standard. The Open Textbook Project aims to
address these issues by using a collaborative development
model which has proven its effectiveness in the world of
free software.

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Using the internet, intrablue aims to reduce ignorance,

fear and misunderstanding by introducing children to

different cultures. intrablue's goal is to introduce children

to other cultures, encourage exploration of their customs,

their daily lives, their thoughts. We hope to facilitate

understanding and create respect for each other.

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Freedom and cooperation are at the core of the free
software movement which began in its current incarnation
by Richard Stallman when he founded the Free Software
Foundation in 1983. Previous to that most software
development had been free until the corporations who were
paying for the research realized the commercial potential.

Stallman dedicated himself to promoting the type of
cooperation and education that was a fundamental part of
early computer programming.

Xunilung's main goal is facilitate that process by educating
people, schools, libraires, businesses and government
agencies about free software.

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