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new ideas

in Limine strives to find innovative and thoughtful ways to improve

education and the arts. Our efforts take the form of well focused,

low-cost projects developed through an organizational model which

nurtures ideas through their start-up phase. in Limine provides the

projects with administrative and financial support until they are

ready to stand on their own. We are open to all ideas and encourage

anyone to approach us even if their idea is little more than some

notes on a napkin.
We are constantly seeking new ideas.





in Limine strives to turn creative ideas into well focused, effective

projects by providing a framework in which the ideas can flourish.

Through this we give people an opportunity to help their communities

by bringing their ideas to life.
Our goals are:

{ to build effective, self-reliant projects involving the arts and education.
{ to share management resources and experience to reduce the cost and bureaucracy of taking an idea from thought to action.
{ to create a community of fellows dedicated to sharing their efforts for the improvement of
the arts and education.
{ to be receptive and offer constructive advice
to all ideas presented to us.





in Limine was established by Steven and Karen Blood in January of

1998 after a few failed attempts to secure funding for two charitable

projects they wanted to implement (intrablue and the Open Textbook

). In the process, they discovered that most foundations

would not listen to an idea until a detailed grant and budget proposal

was submitted. The few organizations that expressed interest were

legally bound to contribute only to 501(c)3 organizations in addition

to needing a structured plan of action.
Overall, the process left them

with a feeling of disenchantment. Steve and Karen knew that the only

way to get their projects started would require finding someone who

knew what they were doing. Needless to say, finding someone with

experience and time to share was next to impossible.


So, in Limine began with a few thousand dollars and many volunteer

hours. It has grown to include one full- time program director who is

working to expand in Limine's services and resources and one full-

time project manager. At the start, we proposed four projects:

Xunilung Endeavor, the Open Textbook Project, Intrablue, and

Diallage. Currently, Xunilung and the Open Textbook Project have

begun soliciting support and implementing their plan of action. In

addition to these initial projects, in Limine is constantly seeking

proposals for future endeavors.




what we do

In Limine utilizes a hybrid organizational model which combines the

best aspects of nonprofit, corporate, and government management.

Our concept is based on the belief that there exist certain

fundamentals that need to be addressed when beginning a project such

as: management, financing, and legal status. To addresses these

issues, we offer fellowships of support for individuals interested in

working with in Limine. Through the fellowship we provide resources

in accounting, strategic project planning, financial management, and

legal practice. Also when possible, in Limine will donate some seed

money to begin the project. In addition to these resources, our

fellows will benefit from formal and informal collaborations within

a larger community of individuals who are dedicated to improving

the arts and education.




our name

in Limine - ( in • lim' i • ne )
Latin phrase meaning "on the threshold" or "something about to begin"




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